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City of Friend



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Res 08-01 Emergency Opreations Plan.pdf Res 08-02 1 & 6 yr plan.pdf Res 08-03 Authorize mayor sign Water purchase contract.pdf
Res 08-04 Enterant in the NCIP.pdf Res 08-05 School Sidewalk route.pdf Res 08-06 Safe sidewalk route.pdf
Res 08-07 Participation in All-hazards Mitigation planning.pdf Res 08-08 General Redevelopment plan.pdf Res 08-09 Admentment to General Redevlopment Plan.pdf
Res 08-10 Tranfer of Financial and bookkeepiing for Ambulance Squad.pdf Res 08-11 SDL Friend Lion's Club.pdf Res 08-12 Fluoride in Water election.pdf
Res 08-13 Application for federal assistance from Recreational Trails Program.pdf Res 08-14 Property tax request.pdf Res 08-15 SDL Legion.pdf
Res 08-16 Application to become a depository.pdf Res 08-17 Redevelopment plan.pdf Res 08-18 Redevlopment plan.pdf
Res 08-19 Redevelopment plan.pdf Res 08-20 Redevelopment plan.pdf Res 08-21 plan admendment resolution.pdf
Res 08-22 Approving a second admendment to General redevelopment plan.pdf Res 08-23 Authorization to Issue TIF revenue.pdf Res 08-24 Authorization to conduct business with First National Bank.pdf