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Ord 02-575 Street improvement.pdf Ord 02-576 Amending of section 1-513.pdf
Ord 02-577 Subdivision of lots and blocks 2002.pdf Ord 02-578 Speed limits.pdf
Ord 02-579 Fireworks sale and usage.pdf Ord 02-580 Usage of fireworks.pdf
Ord 02-581 Authorizing the issurance of general obligation various purpose bonds series of 2002.pdf Ord 02-582 Building permit fees 2002.pdf
Ord 02-583 Front yard setbacks.pdf Ord 02-584 Electrical rates and charges 2002.pdf
Ord 02-585 Budget Statement.pdf Ord 02-586 Elected officials Vacancy.pdf
Ord 02-587 Municipal treasurer.pdf Ord 02-588 Library board.pdf
Ord 02-589 Conflicts of interest.pdf Ord 02-590 Deposit of funds.pdf
Ord 02-591 Certificate of deposit.pdf Ord 02-592 Revision Budget.pdf
Ord 02-593 Accident; Driver Duties.pdf Ord 02-594 Parking; Handicapped or disabled persons; definitions.pdf
Ord 02-595 Parking; designation of onstreet parking and access; display of permits.pdf Ord 02-596 Parking.pdf
Ord 02-597 Parking, personal permit, Issurance, renewal.pdf Ord 02-598 Parking, motor vehicle permit.pdf
Ord 02-599 Parking, Duplicate permits.pdf Ord 02-600 Parking, Handicapped or Disabled, Permits, Period Valid, Renewalof Temporary permits.pdf
Ord 02-601 Parking Handicapped or Disabled Permit Nontransferable, Violations, Suspension.pdf Ord 02-602 Parking, Handicapped or Disabled persons.pdf
Ord 02-603 Library, Operation, funding.pdf Ord 02-605 Alcoholic Beverages, Manufacture, Sale, Delivery, & Possession.pdf
Ord 02-606 Alcoholic Beverages, Licenses, Municipal powers & duties.pdf Ord 02-607 Alcoholic Beverages, Catering Licenses.pdf
Ord 02-608 Appointing Members to Board of Adjustments.pdf Ord 02-609 Occupation Tax retail liquor Licenses.pdf
Ord 02-610 Imposing 1 percent City sales and use tax.pdf Ord 02-611 Increase of Budgeted Restricted Funds.pdf
Ord 02-612 Denied.pdf