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City of Friend



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Ord 19-752 Annexation.docx Ord 19-753 Purchase , transfer real estate from Gail Gropp to the City of Friend.pdf Ord 19-754 Issuance of Highway Allocation Fund Pledge Refunding Bonds Series 2019.docx
Ord 19-755 Issuance of General obligation bond series 2019.pdf Ord 19-756 Annex Certain Properties to Corporate Limits.docx Ord 19-757 Amending offical zoning map.pdf
Ord 19-758 Note for Warren Memorial Hospital Expenses.docx Ord 19-759 Adopt the Budget.pdf Ord 19-760 Amending 19-754 Issuance of Highway Allocation Funds.pdf
Ord 19-761 Clarifying Ord 19-756.pdf Ord 19-762 Increase Sales and Use Tax.pdf