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Ord 03-604 Streets & Alleys Opening, Widenin, Improving, or Vacating.pdf Ord 03-618 Dogs,Cats Capture Impossible.pdf
Ord 03-619 Dogs,Cats Interference with Police.pdf Ord 03-620 Dogs,Cats killing & Poisoning.pdf
Ord 03-621 Dogs,Cats liability of Owner.pdf Ord 03-624 Dogs,Cats vaccination required.pdf
Ord 03-626 Limit number of Cats,Dogs.pdf Ord 03-628 Denied.pdf
Ord 03-629 Alcoholic Beverages, Retail Establishments, Hours of Sale.pdf Ord 03-630 Adoption of building code.pdf
Ord 03-631 Engine Braking (Jake Brake).pdf Ord 03-632 Vacating portion of Alley.pdf
Ord 03-633 Amend 5-401 Parking.pdf Ord 03-634 Dogs.pdf
Ord 03-635 Penalty Provisions, Dogs, License.pdf Ord 03-636 Dogs, Running at Large.pdf
Ord 03-637 Amending Section 6-114.pdf Ord 03-638 not passed.pdf
Ord 03-652 closing of floyd to 3rd st. to fifth st..pdf Ord 03-653 Annual Appropriation Bill.pdf
Ord 03-654 vacating floyd st. from 2nd to 3rd st..pdf Ord 03-655 Vacancy due to unexcused absences.pdf
Ord 03-656 Petition election Ballot.pdf Ord 03-657 Elections.pdf
Ord 03-658 Recall to elected officals.pdf Ord 03-659 Proposed budget statements.pdf
Ord 03-660 budget statements.pdf Ord 03-661 revision of the budget.pdf
Ord 03-662 property tax.pdf Ord 03-663 payments to municipalities.pdf
Ord 03-664 deposit of funds.pdf Ord 03-665 utilities.pdf
Ord 03-666 utilities.pdf Ord 03-667 manufactued homes.pdf