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City of Friend



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Ord 01-559 Change Council meeting date and times.pdf Ord 01-560 Occupation Taxes of Retail Liquor Licenses.pdf
Ord 01-561 Utilities Bills.pdf Ord 01-562 Hospital & Nursing Home Board.pdf
Ord 01-563 Enlargement and Additions to Sewage Treatment Facilities.pdf Ord 01-564 Use and Operation of Golf Carts.pdf
Ord 01-565 Municipal Parks, Unlawful Entry, Exceptions.pdf Ord 01-566 Parking Handicapped or Disabled; Permit Issuance.pdf
Ord 01-567 Meetings, Telephone Confernece Calls, When Allowed.pdf Ord 01-568 Fiscal Management, Proposed Budget Statement, Contents, Filing.pdf
Ord 01-569 Does not exist.pdf Ord 01-570 Approve plat for Milton's Addition.pdf
Ord 01-571 Adopt Budget 2001.pdf Ord 01-572 Fence; Permit fees.pdf
Ord 01-573 Street Improvement District.pdf Ord 01-574 Establishing Electric Rates.pdf